Board meeting in Stockholm - March 25th 2023

From left: Monika Orski (Sweden), Aleksi Harmokivi (Finland), Eirik Wærn Bratland (Norway), Janne Sylvest (Denmark), Jenni Karttunen (Finland). 
Photo: Private

On 25 March, the Board of the Nordic Mensa Fund met in Stockholm - we have lots of meetings but this was only our second in-person meeting since the Fund was established in 2020. No fancy meeting rooms for us - we met in Monika's kitchen and had a very productive and enjoyable day, talking about strategy and objectives, fundraising and lots of other subjects. And of course, there are papers to be signed when we are in the same room for once!

Signing documents! Aleksi, Monika, and Janne.
Photo: Jenni Karttunen