Nordic Mensa Fund grants 2021 awarded

Results of the call from 2021 have now been published! 

From the 2021 call, the Fund has awarded one Article of the year award and three small project grants.

Article of the year

An Article of the Year Award of 1000€ has been granted to Martin Lövdén for the article “Education and Cognitive Functioning Across the Life Span” published in the journal Psychological Science in the Public Interest.

Small project grants

For the first time, the Nordic Mensa Fund has also awarded small project grants of a maximum of 5000€. From the 2021 call, three projects have been chosen to receive grants. The project grants are awarded to:

Amos Pagin, PhD student at the Department of Psychology, University of Gothenburg, to conduct a behavioural study, the purpose of which is to investigate the effects of learning on reasoning ability.

Leonie Balter, postdoc at Stockholm University, Department of Psychology, to an experimental study on whether intelligence can predict resilience against the deleterious cognitive effects of sleep loss.

Malin Hildebrand Karlén, docent at University of Gothenburg, Department of Psychology, to perform analysis of a study of historical changes of the concept of intelligence.

We will introduce the awarded studies in more detail in future blog posts.