Nordic Mensa Fund grants 2022 awarded

The results of the Nordic Mensa Fund 2022 call are ready! This year, the Fund has awarded three Article of the Year awards and two small project grants.

“Article of the Year” awards were given to:

Kimmo Sorjonen from Karolinska Institutet, Sweden for their article: Regression to the mean in latent change score models: an example involving breastfeeding and intelligence published in the BMC Pediatrics

Gustaf Gredebäck from Uppsala University, Sweden for their article: Fluid intelligence in refugee children. A cross-sectional study of potential risk and resilience factors among Syrian refugee children and their parents published in the Intelligence. 

Taina Makkonen from University of Helsinki, Finland for their article: Self-Evaluated Multiple Intelligences of Gifted Upper-Secondary-School Physics Students in Finland published in Roeper Review

Small project grants of €5,000 were awarded to:

Leonardo Bonetti from the University of Aarhus, Denmark for the project: The impact of ageing on the brain underpinnings of intelligence and auditory memory

Karen Hopmann from UiT-The Arctic University of Norway for the project: Neuropsychological function, childhood trauma, and vulnerability to depression: A 23-year follow-up study.

Congratulations to the award recipients for their excellent work! We will introduce the awarded articles and studies in more detail in future blog posts.