Nordic Mensa Fund grants 2023 awarded

The results of the Nordic Mensa Fund 2023 call are ready! This year, the Fund has awarded two Article of the Year awards and two project grants.

“Article of the Year” awards of €1000 per article were given to:

Leonardo Bonetti from the University of Aarhus, Denmark,for the article “Dissociated brain functional connectivity of fast versus slow frequencies underlying individual differences in fluid intelligence: a DTI and MEG study”,

Kristiina Rajaleid and Denny Vågerö from Stockholm University, Sweden, for the article ”Parental and family determinants of the Flynn effect”,

The following grants were awarded:

€6600 to Diana von Börtzell-Szuch from the Department of Special Education, Stockholm University, Sweden for the project “Strength-Based Support in Reading Literacy Instruction for Students ́ Success”.

€10000 to Gemma Fernández Rubio from the Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University, Denmark, for the project “Puzzling out the neurophysiology of auditory memory and intelligence in dementia”.

Congratulations to the recipients for their excellent work! We will introduce the awarded articles and studies in more detail in future blog posts.