Nordic Mensa Fund has now been launched

The Nordic Mensa Fund has been launched, and has opened the first round of grant applications today, November 20th 2020. The Fund will support scientific research in the Nordic countries related to the characteristics, nature and uses of human intelligence, for the benefit of humanity.

The board chair Janne Sylvest is excited to get the Fund officially launched: 

“The Nordic Mensa Fund is a result of the long-standing close collaboration between the national Mensa associations of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. The Fund will offer us a way to realize one of the key missions of Mensa, which is to encourage intelligence research.”

The Fund was established in 2020 and it aims to become a long-term supporter and sponsor of research related to intelligence. The Fund supports scientific research related to medical, psychological, sociological or educational aspects of intelligence and the human brain. Upcoming calls can include smaller awards and larger grants for research groups or individual researchers. Dissemination of original research results to a wider, non-academic audience can be also supported.